An Appreciation for Our Police Dogs

The recent tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon were another incident that required the services of highly trained police dogs to do a sweep of the streets and sniff out any other potential bombs. It’s amazing how well these dogs are trained to perform tasks that can save our lives. Along with the police, fire department, and all the other security people that help to protect and rescue those people in need, let’s not forget those elite canines that also risk their lives protecting us.

On the other side of the country in California this past week, police dogs were showcased at the Family Pet Expo. I always enjoy watching the demonstrations to see how the dogs are trained to apprehend and subdue suspects. You certainly don’t want to tangle with these doggies. Equally impressive is how they are able to sniff out weapons or drugs. At the expo, a sort of obstacle course is setup with various items that are potentially hiding what the dogs are trained to find. The dogs are led through the course and when their noses detect the scent, they immediately sit up at attention.

While our pet dogs provide us with much happiness every day, let’s not forget those canines that help to protect us from crime and other disasters.