Why Cats Bite When You Pet Them

No doubt about it, cats can be moody sometimes—or at least seem to be. If you have a pet cat, you’ve probably experienced those times when you’ll be petting your cat and everything is great. Then all of a sudden, your cat turns of you and starts biting and grabbing you. When I try to pull away, my cat will start giving me a frustrated meow!So what’s up with your cat? Why do cats do this? It could be due to a couple of factors: 1. “Status-induced aggression” where cats want to control a situation or 2. “A neurologically significant negative stimulus” when cats are petted at length.

There very well may be different reasons this happens with different cats. In my case, I’m quite sure my cat does not mean to hurt me. It certainly could just be her way of playing—and not realizing the sharpness of her teeth. I’ve had my cat long enough now that I know how much petting she likes before she tries to bite.

You can consult with your veterinarian for suggestions. I also believe that once you get to know your cat better you’ll be able to “adjust” your petting routine, so you don’t get those teeth marks in your skin!