What Cats Are Really Up To

There certainly is somewhat of a mystery when it comes to cats. Unlike dogs, which seem to communicate more directly, cats are often harder to read. I know my cat well enough now that I can tell what she’s thinking some of the time. But, there are occasions where my cat gives me a certain look and I wonder what exactly she’s thinking. What are cats really thinking and what do they do when we’re not around?

Sometimes when I watch my cat I can see the wheels turning in her brain as she looks up at the dinner table thinking, “Hmmmm. Wonder how I can get up there without being noticed.” I do wonder what she’s up to when nobody else is around. This curiosity must be magnified even more for people with outdoor cats. Often, cats will disappear for weeks and then return. Where do they go? What have they been doing all that time?

Some people like author Caroline Paul and illustrator Wendy MacNaughton have even tried to use GPS and cat cams to find out what cats do while away. But apparently, nothing profound or any earth shattering pictures were discovered and the patterns of travel from the GPS map data weren’t the easiest to interpret.

While technology may be able to shed some light on the mystery of cats, humans may never totally understand what cats’ master plans really are. And that’s probably just the way they want it!