My Cat has Learned Two New Words

I swear that my cat has added new words to her vocabulary: Ice Cream. It’s uncanny. No matter where she is in the house, if we mention ice cream, talk about ice cream, or open up the freezer to bring some out, she’ll come running out to us. Now, I know ice cream is not good for cats. And I never fed her any. But, we do feel guilty as we’re eating our bowls of vanilla and chocolate while she stares or gives us the evil eye.

Although some people might want to feed their cats dairy products like milk or cream, experts say it really isn’t a good idea as your cats can get stomach problems. If you really want to give your kitty a beverage other than water, they do sell specially made cat milk at pet stores. I used to feed it to my cat when she was younger and she really loved it. It was especially good to wash down the dry food she was eating. After a while she did kind of get tired of it.