Does Your Cat Have Abandonment Issues?

My cat hates to be left alone. She loves hanging out with the people and can always sense when we’re leaving to go out somewhere. Most times, she’ll be waiting right by the door when we return. Sometimes though, my cat will get ticked off and go off by herself to teach us a lesson for leaving her alone! I suppose that’s why a lot of experts say it’s better to have two cats instead of just one—or even one cat and one dog, just so they don’t get lonely.

Some cats really have a problem being left alone and suffer separation anxiety. Stacey Brecher from The Daily Cat recently wrote a blog post on how some cats can even do some naughty things around the house because of their stress of being alone. She recommends creating a safe place for your cat in the house such as a cat bed.

In my own case, I always try to spend some quality time with my cat before I have to leave the house. I also make sure she has access to some toys that she can play with by herself. And yes, she has several safe places she can hang out at in the house. In my case, I didn’t need to get a cat bed because my cat has already claimed all the beds in the house! She often crawls under the covers to take a nice nap.

Different techniques may work for different cats. If you can’t have more than one cat in the house, try different things to see what can help make your cat less anxious to be alone. Even if your cat still prefers to be with you and other family members, helping them feel safe, appreciated, and occupied should make them more comfortable when you’re not at home.