Cat Show Tips

Have you ever been to a cat show? Thinking about attending one? In the past, I just figured you show up and look at the cats. But there really is much more to it. At the Family Pet Expo this year, the TICA (The International Cat Association Inc.) had an interesting brochure all about this topic. Most people will be amazed at all of the etiquette and functions that are involved in a cat show.There are three main groups that are judged: Championship (pedigreed) Cats, Household Cats, and New Breed Cats. In the Championship category, the cats are judged based on how they conform to written standards for their breed. Household Cats on the other hand are judged on beauty, condition, and personality.

Some of the etiquette that is expected from cat show spectators includes not touching any of the cats without consent of the exhibitor, refraining from loud noises or sudden movements that might upset the cats, and not asking the judges any questions while they are evaluating the cats.

Whether you wish to enter a cat in a show or just attend one as a spectator, the events can be a lot of fun.