Benefits of Adopting a Cat Instead of a Kitten

Kittens are often considered cuter and more adorable than adult cats. Kittens are thought of as innocent and sweet, while cats are sometimes thought of as aloof and moody. It figures then that a lot of feline fans prefer to get a kitten when adopting a new pet. But actually, there are many advantages when adopting a cat as opposed to a kitten. As someone who adopted an adult cat, I can tell you from personal experience that things have turned out great. I wouldn’t trade my cat for any kitten around. Consider these benefits when adopting an adult cat.

With a kitten, you can never really be sure how they’re going to turn out when fully grown. You don’t know what type of personality, how energetic, or how loving they will be when fully grown. With an adult cat, you can see first-hand what you are getting. My cat and I clicked right away, so I knew we’d be a good match.

Also, with a kitten you will have to housetrain and teach them how to do things like play with a scratching post. I was amazed and relieved when my cat immediately knew to use the litter box I showed her when she first arrived. Another thing that was nice was that my cat didn’t need constant attention even when she was first brought into the house. Cats are able to curl up and take a nap on their own or just be content by themselves. Kittens on the other hand require constant attention and will want to constantly play.

And for those of you who already have a cat and are looking for another friend, adopting another adult cat is often better than getting a kitten. Two adult cats will usually bond better than an older cat and a kitten.