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Best Dry Cat Food

Whether you shop online or at the local pet store for your kitty, everyone wants to know what the best cat food brands are—and specifically, what is the best dry cat food? Since there seems to be a million brands on the market, you’ve got a lot of choices. In this article, I’ll provide some overall guidelines for choosing dry cat food and then share my own experiences. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use this information to get the best grub for your cat!

First, no matter which brand of dry cat food you choose, always make sure you leave plenty of drinking water with the food. You need to prevent your cat from dehydration or urinary health problems which can be very serious. We always make sure there are at least two bowls of fresh water available for our cat. Furthermore, I recommend giving your cat even more variety by feeding her or him some wet canned food in addition to whichever dry food you choose. Yes, it will cost you more, but most experts agree that for optimal health, your cat should consume more than just the dry food. Not only will your cat appreciate the variety, but consuming some wet food will also guard against your furry friend not getting enough liquids. Read more…

Pet Toys

There are lots of toys on the market to keep your pet entertained for hours, but there are also a number of factors to consider when purchasing toys for your pet. Like children’s toys, safety should be your first and foremost consideration when buying a new toy for your pet.

Don’t give your pet toys that can be broken up and potentially stuck in their throats! Dog toys, come in various shapes and sizes. Your dog’s toys should be durable, fun, and safe. Hard rubber toys, like the “Kong” line of products, can provide your favorite dog with plenty of chewing fun. Rope toys and rubber rings are always a bit hit with dogs that love to play fetch or tug-of-war. And playing “Frisbee” can also provide loads of entertainment for dogs and their owners alike! Dogs can also enjoy stuffed furry toys, but make sure your pet can’t get at the stuffing inside as it can be a dangerous choking hazard.

For cats, toy birds and mice have usually proven to be very entertaining. Cats especially seem to like the ones attached to a string you can pull and entice your feline to chase about! They also seem to love simple cardboard boxes, tin-foil balls, and scrunched up newspaper! The feather-and-pole type of toy is also very popular. Scratching posts are excellent forms of entertainment for cats, and they provide your cat something other than your furniture to dig their claws into! Hint: try sprinkling catnip on the post—or you can buy the kind that has a catnip filled toy attached to the top.

There are hundreds of pet toys on the market, just be sure to put safety first!

Know Your Cat Better

Think your cat is an aloof creature to you? Maybe it’s because you do not understand it. Your cat is always trying to communicate with you through its gestures and body language. So to know your cat more, you need to know more about the cat’s body language. Your cat will often rub its cheeks against you or against the cheeks of another cat. They’re actually trying to pick up or leave scent markers so that they can create a future physical contact.

The tail is the most important part of your cat’s body as it indicates a variety of actions and reactions. Your cat’s tail often denotes its mood and intention. If your cat is sweeping its tail in broad gestures, then it symbolizes annoyance or impatience at your excessive petting. If you continue to cuddle the cat might result in growling softly or giving you a “bat” with its paws. I’ve certainly experienced this myself. A rapid sweeping of tail back and forth, right from the center shows an extreme agitation in your cat.

If you find your cat turning its body fully sideways and extending its bristled tail upwards, then be sure that your cat is heralding a conflict with fellow cats. When your cat is busy trapping a prey, you will find it to be more cautious, involved in subtle movements and inflating its tummy while all the time intently aiming at the prey. A raised tail indicates that your cat wants to be friendly, and a twitching of the tail will confirm its anticipation to be with you after a whole day of outing.

Besides the tail, the cat’s body gestures speak volumes about its mood and behavior. Bent legs signify defending of self, while outstretched legs demonstrate self-confidence and self-assurance. If your cat’s ears are back and body low, it’s a sign of shame or remorse; pricked ears show interest in what’s happening around. Your knowledge of these kitty-cat behaviors will definitely strengthen the bond between you and your feline pal.