What Do Cats Eat?

Pets 101: What Do Cats Eat?

We all want to give our pets everything that they need and sometimes everything they want. When it comes to food, there is always that need to determine the specific foods that are not only healthy for them but also something they like to eat. When considering the question of what do cats eat, be prepared for unexpected answers—especially if they are outdoor cats. The reality is that cats actually can, and some of them really do, eat anything. Many people have even reported seeing cats getting vegetarian with some grasses around. Cats eat birds, snakes and similar warm-blooded creatures they can get their hands on. This is a trait they share with their canine friends.

Cats are, generally, carnivorous by nature. The main ingredient in any cat’s diet should include meat. Although they can take in any greens, it is impossible for them to go completely vegetarian since they need the amino acid taurine content of meat to avoid ending up blind.

For most pet-lovers, especially in the urban settings, store bought cat food is the answer to the great question of what do cats eat. There is actually nothing wrong with any store-bought cat foods since they are specifically manufactured to give felines the nutrients their bodies need to fully function everyday and be healthy in the long run. Although most of these mixtures are not naturally processed, they are good enough for any cats around since they contain the necessary elements to ensure a cat’s overall health and wellbeing. More so, cats love them because of how they are made to copy the flavors that they really love. Cats love both dry and canned cat foods. Make sure your cats have plenty of fresh drinking water available, especially if they eat mostly dry foods. You can also find natural food products for your cat by shopping online.

Those pet cats that are left to roam outside end up liking the different flavors available for them beyond their own homes. Hence, anyone could have easily observed them munching down on a cicada or any other similar insects. Mice are a cat’s favorite, or so the advertisements and much of media are proclaiming. It might be hard to see both animals in action as a mouse struggles for it survival and the cat proclaims its victory over the chase. Another feline favorite is snakes. However, one cannot expect any cats to maneuver over large snakes. They also like fishes, so keeping a fishbowl in a home with cats is not really advisable.

When it comes to grasses, there is actually nothing to worry about. Contrary to what most pet-lovers believe, grasses and the greens are actually good for the feline’s stomach. Aside from its fiber content, grasses also have chlorophyll, which has been proven to be highly effective for dealing with skin diseases, infections and even anemia. It has been found out that cats generally munch on the greens to help them get over stomachaches. It also works well in providing relief from throat inflammation as well as in helping cats cough up fur balls.

You see, when it comes to what cats eat, these animals are highly flexible.