Tips for Dog Training Success

Along with patience and dedication, these techniques can lead to successful dog training:

1. Start with Once Voice Only
Initially, only one individual should be responsible for training. It will be less confusing and much easier for your dog to recognize commands from the same person.

2. Be Positive Not Negative
Always use positive reinforcements. Reward your dog when he or she is good. That way they will know what they did was correct. It’s okay to use doggie treats for encouragement—just do not over do it. Repetition is the key to successfully train your dog. Be patient. It does take time.

3. Focus on One
Remember to teach your dog one command at a time. Don’t confuse your dog. Make sure they can understand and obey a command before moving on to the next one.

4. Easy Does It
Always keep your voice cheerful when training your dog. They respond to low, coaxing voices. Never shout out commands.

5. Don’t Stay at Home
Don’t just stay at home when training your dog. Vary the places where you do your training. If you just train at your house, your dog may not be able to adjust to new environments or people. Going to the park or taking a walk around the neighborhood is an excellent opportunity for successful training.