Removing Ticks from Dogs

Effective Tips for Preventing and Removing Ticks from Dogs:

The presence of ticks can be highly frustrating for both the canines themselves and their owners. Dog-lovers feel a strong bond and union with their pets, so any feelings of discomfort and uneasiness their pets are going through are surely felt by these human masters as well. Because of this, most owners are always on the lookout for trusted information and the most reliable ways of preventing and removing ticks from dogs. Technically, ticks are anthropoids that prey on dogs of any sizes and breeds. They are highly itchy and irritating to have around. The main goal of their existence is to get to a warm-blooded creature from which they can feed on. Despite their size, ticks along with mites are actually not considered as insects and have a class of their own.

There are three different families of ticks, but only two of them are present in the country. All ticks go through four states in life, which include being an egg, larva, nymph and finally an adult. Their entire life cycle is completed after two months. They reproduce easily, and the females tend to take in more blood than the male ones.
Since prevention is far more important than the cure, it is a must for dog owners to know about how to keep their pets safe from ticks. To start off, one should keep their environment tick-free. In short, the pets should be in clean and clear areas. The northeastern areas of the country have been reported to be associated with greater presence of ticks, but since ticks can easily stick to clothes or any other warm bodies, our beloved pets can get them just anywhere.

Removing ticks from dogs can be done in various ways. Generally, ticks can be killed by spraying, bathing, powdering or dipping. Applying topical solutions to one’s pet also works. Other solutions that have been suggested are actually useless. A recently or presently lighted match, for instance, cannot make a tick surrender. Another suggestion involves the application of fingernail polish to the tick. This can technically cause suffocation, but it is not effective in getting rid of the tick.
A highly recommended way to remove ticks is with the use of a tweezers or similar tick removing device available commercially for concerned pet lovers. The whole procedure is serious though, and one should wear gloves to keep off any unwanted diseases that can easily be transmitted. Washing one’s hands afterwards is also a must that should not be forgotten nor taken for granted.

Another solution to ticks is to get to a veterinarian. This professional owns a number of surgical instruments specifically developed to deal with ticks and remove them from one’s pets. This answer to the problem might be a little more costly considering the fees and use of materials, but this is a sure and definite way of getting rid of ticks completely and safely.

Dog lovers and owners need not worry. There are a number of answers when it comes to removing ticks from dogs. One solution might not work for everyone, but there is surely going to be something that is effective for you.

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