Groom Your Cat

When I first got my cat, I wasn’t too concerned about grooming. I mean, after all she would spend seemingly most of the day bathing and grooming herself all over. I thought that was good enough. We would give her flea control medicine which prevented any problems with fleas. But after a while though, I started noticing that she had quite a bit of pet dander.

As time went on, I then noticed that my cat’s fur was starting to clump up. First, it was just one clump. Then she had several clumps of fur on her back. I learned that this was due to a combination of oil and pet dander that accumulates in areas where cats can’t clean on their own. I was reluctant to try and cut the clumps off, but I’ve also learned that if you’re careful it isn’t that difficult to remove them.

Actually, one of my cat’s clumps actually came off by itself. Apparently, the clump of fur finally got twisted and fell off when my cat was roaming around the house. After that, I decided to go ahead and take care of the other clumps myself. I used a brush and a steel comb to loosen up the clumps at least a little bit. And I found that while I petted my cat, I could isolate the clumps of fur enough where I could get a scissors and snip off the hard, clumped bunch of fur. Just remember to be very careful and don’t cut too close to your cat’s skin. Obviously you could take your pet to the vet or a groomer to get the job done. But if your cat is like mine, they are much more comfortable with their owner than a stranger. If you’re careful, there shouldn’t be any problems doing it yourself. My cat didn’t react at all when I snipped off the clumps.

Now, to prevent clumps and pet dander, I try to groom my cat daily if possible. At first, she really didn’t like to be brushed. But gradually she became more use to the grooming. While I would be petting her, I’d slowly and carefully get a brush and mix in the petting and brushing. After I bought the steel comb, I would use that in addition to the brush. These days, my cat absolutely loves to be combed—especially after her mealtime. That’s absolutely her favorite time for her combing. While I comb her fur, she purrs along while getting spruced up. One tip: Always show your cat the comb or brush before you start grooming. That way he or she will know exactly what’s going on. Once, I forgot and just started combing and my cat freaked out for a second. When she sees the comb, she knows it’s time for some soothing grooming!

My cat’s fur is now soft and smooth without any clumps. And she doesn’t have all that dander like before. When it comes to grooming your cat, a little patience and loving care can go a long way. And if your kitty still needs more cleaning, there are also all kinds of shampoos available if needed. Search our site for special online deals at your favorite pet suppliers.