Free Pet Apps for your iPhone

With iPhones and iPads being all the rage these days, pet owners may be very interested in some of the available apps they can use. While some apps will cost you a few dollars, there are many available that are free for you to download and use. These Pet Apps can be best classified under three categories: Pet Care and Record Keeping, Pet Shopping, and Pet Entertainment.

Here’s a look at some of the pet apps I have on my iPhone. They range, in my opinion, from great to not so hot. But I encourage you to try them out for yourself and see how they work for you. Keep in mind that these apps will all work on iPhones, however they may not be available for iPads.

Pet Vet by NBC Universal
Pet Vet allows you to research medical problems your pet may be exhibiting. There are separate buttons you can tap for dogs or cats that will display the pet’s body figure. You can then tap the portion of the pet’s body that may need medical attention (head, belly, legs, etc.). You are then presented with a list of symptoms to choose from. Once you select a symptom, you can view possible conditions that are causing the problem. Finally, you can tap on a symptom to get a full scrollable page of information including a brief summary, clinical signs, causes, organ systems affected, available diagnostic tests, and the home or professional care needed for treatment. The app also lets you directly search the condition list without going through the graphical wizard. You can also search for a vet close to your area. This can be a very helpful app, but please remember it is only a guide. The homepage even has a disclaimer that it is not a substitute for licensed veterinarian care.

First Aid + Pets by HAK Soft
This app gives you first aid tips for treating dogs, cats, and people! You select the injury or ailment and you get treatment instructions.

Pet Services Finder by Pet MD
Looking for veterinarians, emergency clinics, groomers, daycare centers, or dog walkers? Pet MD Finder helps you locate all kinds of pet services near your area. You do have to register an account before you use the app.

MyPets Info by Mobile Simplified
MyPets Info is an app that lets you keep track of your pet’s information. You can record data such as your pet’s birthday, registration tag or chip number, breed, vet info, vaccinations, and medical issues. It also allows you to record upcoming appointments for grooming or vet care.

Paw Card Pet Tracker by Jive Media LLC
This is another app that lets you keep track of your pet’s vital information. Along with profile information (veterinarian, identifications, vaccinations, etc.), Paw Card Pet Tracker also has a feature that lets you keep journal entries about your pet as well as a weight tracker function.

Pets Info Lite by BHI Technologies Inc.
Similar to the MyPets Info and Paw Card Pet Tracker, this app lets you record and keep track of your pet’s information. It isn’t as extensive as the other two—this being the free version of Pets Info, the paid app probably has more stuff in it.

Petango’s Find a Pet by Pethealth Inc.
This is a great app that lets you find a new pet or locate a missing pet. Petango’s Find a Pet allows you to find adoptable pets, animal shelters, and lost pets. Once you enter your location information you can use the search functions. Depending on which function you choose, you are presented with a list of the nearest available pets to adopt, closest animal shelters, or missing pets in your area.

Dog Whistler by Mobeezio Inc.
This app is supposed to help you train your dog by omitting various frequencies of sounds like a dog whistle. I haven’t tried it, so I don’t know if it really works.

PetSmart by PetSmart Inc.
If you enjoy shopping at PetSmart, then you can use this app. Although there are separate functions to look up sales and services, the app basically just takes you to parts of their website. So if you’re near a computer it’ll be easier to navigate and search that way.

Daily LOL Pets by Huizhe
Even if you’re not familiar with this app, you’ve probably seen some of its content. Daily LOL Pets is a highly entertaining app that each day presents several humorous pictures of pets along with funny captions. Some examples: A picture of a wide eyed cat lying down with the caption “I ated yur cookies” “Nao I si jurafs dansin”; A picture of a cute but dirty dog sitting down with the caption “What mud?” “I wasn’t in the mud at all!”; and a doggy with his head all the way inside an ice cream carton with the caption “Momma…itz emptee!!”

My Pets Album by iTech Interactive
With this app, you can create your own humorous content featuring your own pets and your own captions. You can either use an existing photo on your iPhone or you can access your camera phone and take a new picture. Then you add your own clever or funny captions!

Amazing Pets Tap Puzzles by FSE, LLC
If you like picture puzzles, then this is the pet app for you. Launch the app and you are presented with a pet picture scrambled into 30 square tiles you must tap to rearrange and solve the puzzle into the completed picture. Note: If you need help, there is a Peek function where you can get a look at how the completed puzzle photo should look.

Piano Cats by Uptown Arts
Finally, for sheer entertainment for cat lovers, there is the Piano Cats app. Launch the app and you are presented with a kitty keyboard (white cats for the white keys and black cats for the black keys). You can then tap out a tune of meows representing the music notes. Kind of silly, but fun–my cat seemed to like it anyway.