Cat Litter Box Tips

Location, location, location. When it comes to your cat’s litter box, the old real estate saying about location becomes the key to effective usage. Like we humans, cats like privacy and quiet while they relieve themselves. Cats can feel very vulnerable while doing their business. If they become frightened, cats will find their own place to eliminate. I saw this first hand around the 4th of July. Just as my cat had gone into her box, somebody shot off some fireworks. She got spooked and ran off—finishing her business on the rug!

Try to place your cat’s litter box in a place where there is minimal human traffic. Spare bathrooms or your basement are a couple of ideal places, as well as a large closet. Just be sure the litter box odors won’t find their way throughout the house from this area.

I was very amused the first time I saw some of the litter boxes for sale at PetSmart. They actually have some where your cat can go up some stairs and enter through an opening into an enclosed facility—neat! Our cat has a more conventional type of box. But we have it located in a secluded corner of our second bathroom—with a curtain which our cat loves to push inside the box (probably to let us know she has finished her business and it’s time for us to clean it). That reminds me; if possible, always try to clean your cat’s litter box after she goes. If you leave the waste in there for some time, your cat may decide to do her stuff elsewhere. I found this out first hand too!

Remember; try to give your cat the same type of comfortable surroundings and privacy that you’d prefer. A location that is quiet, peaceful, and private—that’s the key to a successful litter box your cat will use and enjoy.