Best Dry Dog Food

You love your dog and you want to make sure you pick the best dry dog food to meet your beloved pet’s daily nutritional requirements. You’ve might have already heard about AFFCO, the Association of American Food Control Officials, and that it’s label on a product is supposed to represent the meeting of the necessary standards of a balanced diet for your pet. However, with over 90% of dog food brands actually having this labeling and not truly containing the kind of truly healthy diet you want for your pet, it can be misleading in regards to the actual quality of the dog food.

What’s the protein source?
First of all, you want to look at the ingredient list on your bag of dog food. What is the source of protein? It can be lamb, beef, chicken, pork or fish. These protein sources will be labeled as either meal, bone and meal, or by-products. Know that “by-products” are something to completely avoid as it can mean that absolutely any part (including the inedible portions) of an animal could have been thrown into the food mixture. “Bone and meal” mixtures can end up being nutritionally deficient for your dog’s metabolism as it’s impossible to know what percentage is bone and which is ‘meal’. The best dry dog food will always list ‘meal’ (ground up meat) as the first and second items on the ingredient list.

Keep out the chemicals
Artificial colorings, flavorings and preservatives are other things you need to keep out of your dog’s diet. When you’re looking for the best dry dog food, look for the kind preserved naturally with either vitamin E in the form of tocopherol or vitamin C (ascorbate). Things like BHT, BHA and ethoxyquin are toxic chemicals that can make your dog sick and even cause cancer later on in their life.

Good grains, Bad grains
You also want watch out for the type of grains that are in your dog food. Corn, soy and wheat are not good carbohydrates for canines as they are very hard to digest and can lead to ailments such as diabetes. Instead, look for foods containing potato, rice, barley and oats which are easier on your dog’s digestive tract.

Good brands to try out are:
– Taste of the Wild
– Blue Buffalo
– Purina Pro Plan
– Purina ONE
– Hill’s Science Diet
– Rachael Ray Nutrish
– Wellness Core®

Variety is a healthy practice
A few more recommendations when feeding your dog the best dry dog food is to always provide fresh clean water every day to prevent kidney failure and dehydration and switch brands and / or protein types every few months to make certain your dog’s nutritional intake is balanced to help avoid long term deficiencies that could complicate your dog’s health.