Best Dry Cat Food

Whether you shop online or at the local pet store for your kitty, everyone wants to know what the best cat food brands are—and specifically, what is the best dry cat food? Since there seems to be a million brands on the market, you’ve got a lot of choices. In this article, I’ll provide some overall guidelines for choosing dry cat food and then share my own experiences. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use this information to get the best grub for your cat!

First, no matter which brand of dry cat food you choose, always make sure you leave plenty of drinking water with the food. You need to prevent your cat from dehydration or urinary health problems which can be very serious. We always make sure there are at least two bowls of fresh water available for our cat. Furthermore, I recommend giving your cat even more variety by feeding her or him some wet canned food in addition to whichever dry food you choose. Yes, it will cost you more, but most experts agree that for optimal health, your cat should consume more than just the dry food. Not only will your cat appreciate the variety, but consuming some wet food will also guard against your furry friend not getting enough liquids.

Now, back to the topic of dry cat food. Although I would recommend that your cat also gets some wet food, that doesn’t mean dry food can’t be a staple of their diet. If you have many cats, you might only be able to afford dry food. Again, just make sure they get enough water to drink.

So, what should you look for in dry cat food? Most important of all, make sure the food you buy is formulated for a complete healthy diet for your cat—especially if this dry food will be the primary source or staple of your cat’s diet. Ideally, you want to get food that is high in protein for a healthy heart and immune system, helps promote healthy body weight, helps keep teeth clean, and helps promote healthy eyes, skin, and coat. There are a lot of pet snack treats on the market. These should only be given as supplements to your cat’s main meals. Remember; look for the nutritional information on the bags just like you would for your own food.

What brands of dry cat food do I recommend? Let me relate my experiences with my cat. I first started feeding my cat Whiskas dry food and she loved it. However, after eating it day after day, we could see she was kind of getting tired of it. I mixed in some canned food for variety. Then I decided to try some dry Fancy Feast food (since my cat loves the Fancy Feast canned food). From the start, she really liked it. So, we would serve both Whiskas and Fancy Feast. Again, after awhile my cat started slowing up a bit on these foods, so I decided to try Purina Cat Chow. Bingo! Again, my cat loved this new dry food. So, today our cat enjoys a dry food buffet consisting of Whiskas, Fancy Feast, and Purina Cat Chow.

Recently, we’ve made one change to our cat’s dry food diet. I was concerned that our cat was having some hairball problems. Then one day I found that Whiskas makes a special indoor dry cat food that is also good for maintaining hairball control. I tried it out and my cat liked it just as much as the regular Whiskas food. And it definitely seems to have helped get rid of the hairball problems. So, for dry cat food, my votes would still go to Whiskas, Fancy Feast, and Purina Cat Chow.

Now, your cat’s tastes may differ. And with so many choices out there, you may have success with another brand of dry cat food. Also, you should consult your vet if your cat has special health needs. There are also places where you can purchase all natural food for your cat. Otherwise, remember to look for nutritional value and stick with the well known brands of cat food and your kitty should be happy and content after mealtime.