Does Your Cat Drink Enough Water?

You should always have plenty of fresh drinking water available for your cat. But how much water should your cat be drinking? How can you tell if your cat is drinking enough water or too much of it? Dr. Jennifer Coates of petMD recently wrote an interesting and informative article on the subject. She concluded from her studies that cats need less water than dogs—per pound body weight.

I’ve always stressed to people that if your cat eats only dry food, you need to make sure they have enough water available to drink since they’re not getting much from their food. If your cat eats canned food, they’re getting more water from this source, so they don’t need to drink as much. Using a 10 pound cat as an example, Dr. Coates states that if this cat is eating dry food only, they would need about one cup of water per day. If the cat is eating canned food, they would need only about a one-third cup of water per day.

My cat eats a combination of both canned and dry food. I always keep multiple water bowls available for her and I would estimate that her water intake is in-line with the guidelines above. Keep in mind that in addition to dry and canned food, there are other factors involved.

Cats and Dogs Do Get Along

I’ve had both dogs and cats as pets—and still do. However, I’ve never had both at the same time. In the past, I’ve always thought dogs and cats just wouldn’t get along and it would be too much of a hassle trying to keep the peace. Lately though, I’m seeing more and more evidence that proves in a lot of cases a dog and cat can get along just fine. And in fact, they can actually become good buddies.

For example, there was the story on about a dog in South Carolina that refused to leave a kitten that was stuck down an embankment to a ravine. This dog was nursing the kitten and couldn’t get back up with the kitty. But the dog refused to leave the kitten alone. Fortunately, animal control rescued both.

Then there was the story on Yahoo! about an eight year old dog that had lost its sight. One day, a stray cat was let into the dog’s home and the cat immediate sensed the dog couldn’t see. Well, the cat coaxed the dog out with her paws and led him out for a walk. The two are now inseparable and the seeing-eye cat guides the dog all around.

Years ago, I had a dog named King. Currently, I have a cat that acts like the Queen. I sometimes wonder how well they would have gotten along!

Stress Relieving Dogs at the Airport

Personally, I’ve never been that crazy about flying. Whether it’s for a business trip or vacation, the thought about the hassles at the airport and on the plane just about makes me want to stay at home. Trying to make your way through the airport has always been stressful and these days with the added security, things are even worse. Traveling on the airplane itself isn’t always a party either. How many times have you got stuck sitting next to an unfriendly or rude individual?

At the LAX Airport in Los Angeles, there just may be a solution to relieving some of the stress of flying. recently reported the presence of a new program called Pets Unstressing Passengers—or PUP for short! About 30 volunteers are working with dogs—taking them around the airport so the people can interact, pet, hug, and take pictures with the dogs. Wearing “Pet Me” vests, there are usually two or three dogs around at any given time.

It seems that passengers at LAX are really enjoying having these canine buddies around. Hopefully, this program will spread to other airports across the country. I think having these dogs around can definitely bring some relief and joy to what can sometimes be a less than pleasant experience.